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Item # 80102250, No. 2 Etching


Specifications  · Shipping Information





200 liter

Shelf Life

10 years, when properly stored in room temperature (20-25ºC/68-77ºF) and away from light

Common Use

To etch certain materials, such as carbon steel.
To remove oxides, corrosion products, and smeared and contaminated surface material which impaired adhesion.

Container Type

Plastic Drum (1H1)

Container OD

23.8 in

Container Heigth

34.5 in

Shipping Information

Dangerous Goods Classification/Proper Shipping Name

UN1789, Hydrochloric Acid Solution, 8, PG III - ERG 157

Ground Shipment

No Restriction

Air Shipment


Ocean Shipment

Ship Separate from Alkali