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Item # 80300236, Chromate Conversion Coating


Specifications  · Shipping Information  · Physical Properties




Common Use

To apply chromate conversion coatings on cadmium or zinc deposit.

Shelf Life

10 years, when properly stored in room temperature (20-25ºC/68-77ºF) and away from light

Dangerous Goods Classification/Proper Shipping Name

UN3289, Class 6.1(8), PG III Toxic Liquid, Corrosive, Inorganic, n.o.s. (Chromium Trioxide, Sodium Dichromate)

Shipping Information

Ground Shipment

Truck Only

Air Shipment


Special Packaging Requirement

UPS & FedEx

Ocean Shipment

Ship Separate from Alkali, marine pollutant (Cadmium sulfate)

Physical Properties


5 gal

Container Type

Plastic Jerrican (3H1)

Container Length

11 3/4 in

Container Width

10 in

Container Heigth

14 7/8 in

Net Weight

51 lb.

Container Size Note

Additional container sizes of this item are also available.