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Item # 80500520, Chromate Conversion Coating


Specifications  · Shipping Information  · Physical Properties




Common Use

To apply chromate conversion coatings on cadmium or zinc deposit.

Shelf Life

10 years, when properly stored in room temperature (20-25ºC/68-77ºF) and away from light

Dangerous Goods Classification/Proper Shipping Name

UN3264, Class 8, PG III Corrosive Liquid, Acidic, Inorganic, n.o.s. (Sulfuric acid, Sodium Bichromate)

Shipping Information

Ground Shipment

No Restriction

Air Shipment


Ocean Shipment

Ship Separate from Alkali

Physical Properties


4 liter

Container Type

Plastic Bottle (IP1)

Container Length

8.6 in

Container Width

4.4 in

Container Heigth

10 in

Net Weight

11 lb.

Container Size Note

Additional container sizes of this item are also available.