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Plating Products and Solutions

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Plating Solutions (80728215)

Preparatory and Plating Solutions

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts offers a full range of solutions for brush plating, anodizing, and electropolishing.

SIFCO Process® plating solutions include AeroNikl®, Cadmium LHE®, copper, nickel, cobalt, gold, platinum, silver, tin, zinc, as well as alloys for babbitt, brass, bronze, cobalt-tungsten, nickel-cobalt, nickel-phosphorous, nickel-tungsten, tin-zinc, and zinc nickel.

SIFCO Process® anodizing solutions include Type I, Type II, Type III, Boric-Sulfuric, and Phosphoric.

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Plating Power Packs and Electrical Accessories

Programmable rectifiers for Selective Plating and Anodizing

  •   CE compliant
  •  Two year manufacturer’s warranty

Portable SIFCO Process® rectifiers for brush plating controlled thicknesses of nickel, copper, gold, silver, zinc-nickel, cadmium LHE® and many other deposits.

Plating Anodes & Anode Materials

Plating Anodes and Anode Materials

Standard SIFCO Process® anodes are made to prepare or to plate ID’s, OD’s and flat surfaces.  Each standard anode must be attached to a handle.  This combined unit is called either a preparatory tool (for preparatory operations) or a plating tool (for plating operations).  Direct current is supplied to the tool from the power pack, through a lead.

Plating Anode Cover Materials

Plating Anode Cover Materials

Each of the various approved cover materials has a particular place in the SFICO Process®.  Selection of materials as anode wraps is primarily based upon their compatibility with each preparatory and/or plating solution and their purity.  Wear resistance, absorbency, and abrasiveness are the secondary factors in material selection.  Using the wrong cover material or impure material can have serious detrimental effects on adhesion and deposit quality.  It is imperative to use only approved cover materials.

Plating Solution Container and Trays

Plating Solution Containers and Trays

SIFCO Process® solution containers and trays are chemical resistant and durable.  They make solution management easy.  There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes available that provide the flexibility you’ll need for holding your brush plating tools and solutions.

Plating Masking Materials and Accessories

Plating Masking Materials and Accessories

SIFCO Process® tapes, masking materials and accessories come in a range of sizes, and aid the electroplating process. Used in conjunction with galvanizing, these brush plating accessories and materials provide flexibility and ease.

Plating Pumps & Flow Systems

Plating Pumps and Flow Systems

SIFCO Process® plating pumps and flow systems give consistent electrolyte flow, which is critical for plating uniformity. This helps control the plating process and reduces overplating.
Auxiliary Plating Equipment

Auxiliary Plating Equipment

SIFCO Process® auxiliary plating equipment includes agitators, tanks, saddles and more. Auxiliary plating equipment creates a resilient, tough, drip free coating, which improves tarnish resistance.

Travel Kits

Touch-Up Kits

SIFCO Process® Touch-Up Kits are designed for application critical brush plating repairs in the field.  Emergency touch-up applications using Cadmium LHE® and Zinc-Nickel LHE® on aerospace components or Silver Non-Cyanide on power generation components are now made easier.  Everything a trained technician needs – packed and ready to go!