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Job Shop Plating Services

Job Shop Plating Services

Whether you have an occasional need for brush plating, or your operation involves large volumes of parts, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts provides flexible alternatives for your finishing needs. We can plate your parts on-site, at your facility, or at one of our service facilities worldwide

SIFCO has been providing job shop brush plating services to industry since 1959. Our team of experienced technicians backed by our Technical Support and R&D Groups will provide you with a level of service and expertise that is unparalleled within the industry.

  • A winning combination: Brush plating experience, expertise in chemistry, engineering, metallurgy, and electroplating

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Custom Plating Technology Solutions

Custom Plating Technology Solutions

Our R&D and technical support staff has over five decades of experience in providing plating solutions. The team has expertise in the fields of electrochemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, physical chemistry, and environmental health & safety.

We provide support in all aspects of the plating process, including process development as well as anode design and modeling. Our process development services include plating and anodizing new components in addition to improving the deposit uniformity or efficiency of existing processes. If our standard plating products do not meet your plating requirements, we will work with you to develop a custom solution for your application.

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Customized workstation with turning head and ventillation

SIFCO Process® Workstations and Custom Designed Automated Plating Systems

  • Add flexibility to your production options
  • Keep your parts in house
  • Let you control the quality of your plated parts

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts can design a customized system to electroplate or anodize localized areas on most conductive components from as small as the head of a pin to as large as an automobile crankshaft (or even larger).

SIFCO can provide you with a turnkey operation that can be easily integrated into your production line. You can eliminate the shipping costs and scheduling issues associated with using an outside vendor. Your system will provide accurately controlled and consistent quality deposits and coatings with minimal operator involvement.

Plating Products and Solutions

Plating Products and Solutions

Brush plating tools, solutions and equipment