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Custom Plating Technology Solutions

Our R&D and technical support staff has over five decades of experience in providing plating solutions. The team has expertise in the fields of electrochemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, physical chemistry, and environmental health & safety.

We provide support in all aspects of the plating process, including process development as well as anode design and modeling. Our process development services include plating and anodizing new components in addition to improving the deposit uniformity or efficiency of existing processes. If our standard plating products do not meet your plating requirements, we will work with you to develop a custom solution for your application.

We also provide application troubleshooting services. Some common plating issues that we often encounter and solve include high/low thickness, deposit uniformity, poor adhesion, and poor deposit quality. To ensure that our plating processes perform to application requirements, we also conduct tests for microhardness, salt spray, stereo microscopy, and X-ray fluorescence for material composition.

Dalic®   Selectron®   SIFCO Process®



Anode Modeling and Design
Process Development

Solution Development


R&D Group Expertise

Chemical Engineering

Environmental Health and Safety

Materials Science

Physical Chemistry

Process Development

If you have a new component that requires plating or anodizing or the base material for your existing component has changed, we will work with you to develop a preparatory process that will meet your quality requirements.
If you would like to improve the deposit uniformity or improve the efficiency of your existing plating or anodizing process, our Technical Support Staff will work with you to develop the necessary tooling and fixturing.

Anode Modeling and Design

When you have tight plating tolerances or difficulty controlling the uniformity of your plated deposit, utilizing our proprietary modeling software, our R&D Group can work with you to understand the issues and then develop the specialized tooling and masking required to optimize your plating.

Solution Development

If you have a need for a coating or deposit that is not currently met by our existing products, our R&D Group can work with you to develop a plating process to meet your needs.


Our Technical Support Staff will work with you to gather all the necessary information to understand and define the problem. Common troubleshooting issues include: high/low thickness, thickness uniformity, poor adhesion, or poor deposit quality. Quite often, problems can be resolved over the phone. We may request photos or samples of the actual part. Our technicians can duplicate the problem and then develop a solution. Our R&D Group provides invaluable theoretical, chemical, metallurgical, and laboratory support for more difficult issues.

Test Capabilities

Bend Test for Ductility
High Humidity

Inverted Stage Microscopy


Plating Adhesion

Residual Stress

Salt Spray

Stereo Microscopy

Surface Roughness

X-Ray Fluorescence for Material Composition

Plate Thickness Testing

Gravimetric Analysis
Magnetic, Magnetic Induction, and Eddy Current Methods


Optical Cross-section

X-ray Fluorescence


FAA Repair Station Certificate - Ohio Location
FAA Repair Station Certificate of - Connecticut Location

Goodrich Supplier Certification

GT 193 General Electric Aircraft Engine (GEAE) Approval Certificate for SIFCO Connecticut Location

GT 193 General Electric Aircraft Engine (GEAE) Approval Certificate for SIFCO Ohio Location

ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100B Registered Quality Management System - US

ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100B Registered Quality Management System - France

Korean Registry of Shipping

NADCAP Chemical Processing (AS7108) Certification - Connecticut Location

NADCAP Chemical Processing (AS7108) Certification - Ohio Location

Rolls-Royce Supplier Certification