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Custom Designed Turnkey Plating Systems

  • Add flexibility to your production options
  • Keep your parts in house
  • Let you control the quality of your plated parts

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts can design a customized system to electroplate or anodize localized areas on most conductive components from as small as the head of a pin to as large as an automobile crankshaft (or even larger).

SIFCO can provide you with a turnkey operation that can be easily integrated into your production line. You can eliminate the shipping costs and scheduling issues associated with using an outside vendor. Your system will provide accurately controlled and consistent quality deposits and coatings with minimal operator involvement.

A typical Production Selective Plating System will include one or more preparatory operations prior to the application of the final coating. Fixturing, masking, and motion are determined by the configuration of the part and are engineered to meet your production objectives.

Unlike a typical tank plating line that requires large volumes of chemicals, Production Selective Plating uses brush plating technology and significantly reduces the solution volumes required for the operation. These custom designed, self-contained systems help minimize environmental and safety concerns within your plant.

What We Do

We will work with you to gather information about the technical aspects of your application and clearly define your needs and objectives. We will ask you to provide prints, specifications and any other relevant documentation on the parts to be plated as well as the proposed facility location.

We will prepare a discussion document outlining what needs to be done, when and where the work will be done, and a budgetary proposal for the project.

We will review the proposal with you to ensure that we are meeting your requirements and to confirm the technical and logistical aspects of the project.

Once we receive your purchase order, we will proceed with the job as planned and scheduled.

Our Team

Each of the members of our Technical Support Group has over 25 years of industry experience working with a broad range of applications. We are able to draw on that experience as we evaluate your application. Our trained and experienced Technicians hold certifications that demonstrate their ability to professionally perform the work for you.

We have the flexibility to draw on talent to support your needs from our four locations in the US (Independence, OH; Houston, TX; Norfolk, VA; East Windsor, CT) and from our Facilities in the UK, France, and Sweden.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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Anode Modeling and Design
Process Development

Solution Development


R&D Group Expertise

Chemical Engineering

Environmental Health and Safety

Materials Science

Physical Chemistry

Turnkey Plating System Benefits

Add flexibility to your production options
Control the quality of your plated parts

Keep your parts in house

Plating Services

Brush Plating



All conductive materials including Titanium


FAA Repair Station Certificate - Ohio Location
FAA Repair Station Certificate of - Connecticut Location

Goodrich Supplier Certification

GT 193 General Electric Aircraft Engine (GEAE) Approval Certificate for SIFCO Connecticut Location

GT 193 General Electric Aircraft Engine (GEAE) Approval Certificate for SIFCO Ohio Location

ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100B Registered Quality Management System - US

ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100B Registered Quality Management System - France

Korean Registry of Shipping

NADCAP Chemical Processing (AS7108) Certification - Connecticut Location

NADCAP Chemical Processing (AS7108) Certification - Ohio Location

Rolls-Royce Supplier Certification

Industries Served

General Industry



Oil & Gas

Power Generation


·  Portable workstation with ventillation

·  Custom Designed Turnkey Plating Systems 2