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Plating Solutions

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SIFCO Process® plating solutions include AeroNikl®, Cadmium LHE®, copper, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, tin, zinc, as well as alloys for Babbitt, brass, bronze, cobalt-tungsten, nickel-cobalt, nickel-phosphorous, nickel-tungsten, tin-zinc, zinc nickel and many more.

A plating solution family may contain several different plating solutions (formulations) that provide different deposit characteristics (structure, hardness, wear resistence, and corrosion resistance for instance).  For example: The silver plating solution family contains both cyanide and non-cyanide formulations; the nickel plating solution family consists of fifteen different formulations and offers a wide variety of performace characteristics.

Let us help you find a solution to meet your deposit performance requirements!

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Item Name



Container Type

Container Heigth

Net Weight

80728050 AeroNikl® 250 7280/5725 200 liter Plastic Drum (1H1) 34.5 in N/A
80728115 AeroNikl® 400 7281/5726 1 liter Plastic Bottle (IP1) 9.5 in 3 lb.
80728120 AeroNikl® 400 7281/5726 4 liter Plastic Bottle (IP1) 10 in 12 lb.
80728215 AeroNikl® 575 7282/5727 1 liter Plastic Bottle (IP1) 9.5 in 3 lb.
80728220 AeroNikl® 575 7282/5727 4 liter Plastic Bottle (IP1) 10 in 12 lb.
  Results 126 - 130 of 130 « 6