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Silver Non-Cyanide Touch-Up Kit

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SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts introduces a highly portable non-cyanide silver touch-up kit for repair applications. The kit, specifically designed for the power generation and distribution industry, is ideal for outages and operations where repair times are critical.

Today’s demanding industrial applications of electroplated deposits require well-engineered and proven preparatory and plating procedures. The ability to apply adherent, high quality deposits onto localized areas and to achieve a precise deposit thickness is especially important when plating conductive coatings such as silver onto copper components for power generation and distribution. In addition, it is important that the process of applying these deposits poses minimal risk to both the operator and environment. SIFCO ASC’s Silver Non-Cyanide solution provides a superior quality deposit that can be applied in the shop or anywhere in the field without the hazards associated with traditional cyanide silvers.

When an outage occurs, revenue is at risk. This kit was designed for situations where time is of the essence. The SIFCO Process plating kit contains everything a trained technician needs to quickly make repairs on copper bus connections and get power restored.

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